Our first 50 years

Dolceamaro Srl company, owned by the brothers Claudio and Silvano Papa, has its 50th birthday!

And any birthday worthy of its name, it’s time to celebrate this important event. Claudio and Silvano Papa are celebrating this goal, by launching a series of events, which includes thematic meetings and workshops, in order to let know to the specialists, enthusiasts and young people, their art which hands down from generation to generation.

The history begins on Cassino’s main street, 50 years ago, when Pietro and Rosa Papa bought an ice cream shop, bakery and bar in their city.

A few years later they owned their first party favor shop, later they did the same in Isernia, where there is now the store handled by Paolo, brother of Claudio and Silvano Papa.

In 1987 the production of sugared almonds began with the establishment of the “Papa Confetti and Cioccolato” brand. In the early nineties, the traditional production of a product made of peeled almonds extends to the introduction of chocolate.

In a few years, from 1997 when Dolceamaro Srl is established absorbing the heritage of every family company,  there will be an important technological update regarding the packaging technologies. Thus, the product becomes even more versatile and capable of satisfying the customer’s demands.

The real turning point came in 2011, when Dolceamaro acquired the “Cuorenero” brand from Gruppo Eridania Zuccheri. A well planned marketing strategy will lead to the introduction of new baked products. It begins the production of macarons, donuts (one of the newest products), and in the near future interesting new ideas will be disclosed. Everything gluten-free and not fried.

The company has always invested in innovative production technology and new product ideas, thus being always up to date with future generations.